Sound Gear For Fitness Professionals

 Designed specifically for Group Exercise Instruction

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Sweat-Resistant Wireless Headset Microphones

  Our Fitness-Rated wireless headset microphones are made for use in the rugged group ex environment. Whether you have a light, medium or heavy-use weekly class schedule, we’ll match to the headset mic that can handle the job without needing premature repair or replacement. 


Fitness Sound Systems

  Designed for use by Group Exercise Instructors in all popular programs. Easy to use, great sounding and customizable for every size space and budget. Every class is better with great sound.  Save your voice while you rock your class!



 Always use a windscreen with your headset microphone. Windscreens prolong the life of the headset’s mic element to keep you sounding your best, crisp and clear. We have windscreens for all popular group ex headset mics. Also, mic belts for all popular body pack transmitters.